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Special Features and Enhancements

Purchase via PayPal or Cryptocurrency

$24.95 for lifetime $9.95 for 3 months premium access activates instantly
Premium Features and Enhancements
Daily Bumps
Support your favorite servers with daily bumping (pushes servers towards front page)
Full User Page Access
Get an enhanced experience by being able to view all and connected accounts & servers found on discord user profiles
User page promotions
Bumped servers are displayed on user pages (random occurance, servers badges generally receive 20,000+ impressions a week)
Any ideas?
We are looking for suggestions on what premium features our users want! Contact us on Twitter
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Payment methods

We support PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium and some other crypto currencies. After payment is received you will instantly receive Premium benefits

What do I get access to?
  • You will be able to bump servers (pushes servers to front page + displays your server randomly on user pages) once a day. Bumps expire every 30 days view your dashboard to see when the next bump reset is.
  • You will be able to view full user pages, including all small/large servers & connected accounts we have collected.
What is bumping?
  • Bumping pushes a discord server towards the front page of our website, and also is displayed on user pages randomly (about 5% of the time, depends how many premium bumped servers there are)
  • You can bump any server you desire, you don't need to have ownership of the page
  • Servers can be bumped by multiple people multiple times a day
How come *this* person's profile isn't available?

We collect data in waves, we currently have a database containing around 30% of all active discord users, we are always expanding our database. Getting premium will support us on our mission to grow the website and features.